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The decision came after a shifting of priority of government spending from saftey and prtection policy to that of structural reforms. But the main cause was dismantling of the entire security structure which loosened all protocols, abandoned the control structure of prisons and lost the value of Mexico’s safety and protection experience. Facing all the criticisms and praise together, Ministry of Public Security was built by Genaro Garcia Luna and was dedicated only to the safety need. But in current presidential term, the role of Ministry had transformed into a modest national committee for public saftey with fewer powers and less authority as compared to Sub-Ministry of the Interior. Officials of the National Security Commissioner (NSC) were previously only at General-Director level. After the start of the present presidential term, ineffectiveness of bureaucracy started with the quashing of the Ministry of Public saftey and this government took further one year to form National Security Committee.

Grandstanding, outsourcing raised in N.H. Senate debate - Boston HeraldGrandstanding, outsourcing raised in N.H. Senate debate - 웹Manuel Mondragon y Kalb, the Federal Secretary of Public safety, who was assigned the dissolution, was also selected as Head of the Ministry of Public protection of Mexico City during the administration of Marcelo Ebrard. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was designated as a candidate for Head of the Federal Ministry of Public protection. It took less than a year for Mondragon as Federal Secretary of Public Secretary to break the Secretariat and ending the saftey & security structure. Mondragon resigned in March 2014, and after his resignation, Monte Alejandro Rubido was appointed as Security Commissioner by the Government for the only reason that he had already been evaluated by the Congress and did not require a new qualification. Rubido had served in Cisen and had been Sub-Secretary of Human Rights of the Federal Ministry of Public protection. The plan assumed that the beheading of cartels and a slight decline of their activity inside the state represented the ending to insecurity.

The Interior Minister, Miguel Osorio Chong, dedicated much time to politics and paid less importance to some important issues like security. Alejandro Gertz Manero worked for the establishment of Ministry of Public Protection which became state policy and later with the help of Garcia Luna it became saftey & security policies. These two always gave priority to public safety issues while the alternating plan in 2000 and 2006 meant that the point of attention had dismantled protection strategy of a PRI political party. It was supported on complicity inside the political as well as social control dynamics, and the association which involves security and dissent. El Chapo’s escape caused the challenge of public protection which will give a route to return of the model of Garcia Luna: state saftey and a strong dependence for such things. Unless, the new proposals are developed by Federal government, the price of dividing the Ministry of Public Security and its structure has created a main crisis of government and its departments. Therefore, the response to the challenge of El Chapo has to be comprehensive and it should identify the extent of the public security issues. The importance of public saftey should be recognized at all level and the government should return to the policies of Garcia Luna which paid results.

Although opinions on the specific nature of these advantages differ, politics most economists agree on a few basic characteristics of capitalism that are beneficial to most people. While these advantages don’t necessarily hold true for every person in a given environment, they do generally apply for the majority of the population. Even though blame may be seen more as an action, it is still derived from a system of opinions and attitudes which are found in capitalist societies. Perhaps it is the prosperity of those who live in such societies which causes them to assume that those who are not prosperous are always responsible for this condition. The attitude which summarizes that people may always help themselves through hard work does not always apply in situations where too many people need to be fed with too little resources. Blaming the victim, then, is another way in which problems of the Third World are reinforced. Schumpeter, J. (1954) History Of Economic Analysis. Oxford University Press, New York.

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Island Of Skyros, Europe’s Southern Thing, To Turn Down Eu Election Over Syrian Wmds

Currently chemical tools are being delivered from Syria by ways of sea to the Italian port of Gioia Tauro. As quickly as all Bashar al Assad’s substance bat Skyros Holidays stockpile has in fact been removed from Syria, regarding 500 tones of the extra hazardous chemicals will absolutely be relocated to the United States Navy’s MV Cape Ray. SKYROS, a tiny, spick-and-span island to the south of Crete and Europe’s southernmost point, would certainly seem a million miles far from the recurring disaster of the Syrian civil war. The Skyros Holidays 2012 consequences of the problem have gotten to the little area’s doorstep in the kind of approaches to ruin Bashar al Assad’s chemical weapons toolbox in worldwide waters off the coast of the island. Reply to just what they view as regarded indifference on the part of Greek, EU and UN authorities, the citizens have actually make known that they will certainly stay clear of the European elections (web link in Greek) in protest.

Together with neighborhoods in Crete and Italy, the house owners of SKYROS have in fact reacted madly to the strategies hesitating that the goal could possibly place a severe danger to the island and the surrounding aquatic setting. Baseding on the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the global physical body responsible for direction the mission, at no point will any sort of chemicals be launched into the sea or air. That is not adequate to guarantee anxious citizens of Crete and SKYROS who are afraid a feasible crash. When this will happen is uncertain as there have actually been delays and claims of foot-dragging on the part of the Syrian federal government in moving the WMD’s abroad. It is extremely likely that a June due day for the chemicals’ harm will certainly absolutely be missed out on although, the OPCW specifies that there is an ‘improving speed’ in getting rid of the tools.

Social media marketing has become an incredible power in the world of online marketing. With an estimated 65% of Americans reporting that they utilize social media sites, these types of networking hubs have become the perfect place to reach out to any type of audience you wish to target. Social media sites also allow businesses, big and small, to show a more personal side of their brand. These sites open up different avenues to creatively reach current and potential customers. Many brands put their own videos, photos, articles and even coupons on their social media sites to encourage engagement and boost sales. However, each of these sites feature different ways to reach out to a broad audience. In order to properly utilize this area of SEO, social media marketing must be approached in a smart and strategic way. Depending on the type of business you run and the overall goal you have for your social media campaign, not all of these sites may perfectly help you convey your business message and overall philosophy.

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Below are some brief outlines of what types of marketing campaigns each of these sites works best for, followed by some helpful tips to boost engagement on each specific social media site. Facebook is a social networking site that allows companies to create “Pages” to represent their brand. With the semi-recent transition to the timeline format, Facebook brand pages read almost like a yearbook of accomplishments for the company. Facebook is ideal for companies that are looking to create a more personal and open relationship with their clients. Many companies post photos and videos of new products, employee events and updates to their store. Facebook also allows brands to host contests and conduct polls. 1. Post at the Right Time of Day – Studies have shown that more people are active on Facebook during the weekdays. Many studies have also shown that posting between 11am-4pm EST is the most effective. 2. Ask a Question – Status updates that ask for the opinion of your fans typically illicit more likes and comments.

Top 10 Paid Apps For Windows Phones

By March 2011, the Windows Phone Marketplace holds something approaching 10,000 apps – not bad for a platform that has been going for only 5 months. However, while many of these apps are free, just as many are paid apps, requiring a purchase either via your Zune client or via the Marketplace Hub on your phone. No one wants to spend money on useless software, which is why it is a good idea to spend some time checking reviews and ratings of apps before purchasing, and if available trying out the trial mode. While Microsoft offer a list of the top rated apps, these are mixed in with games, so it is tricky to see just what are the most popular downloads, whether free or paid. As such we’ve put together this top 10 list of paid apps for Windows Phone to help you to decide what to install today! One of the most remarkable apps for Windows Phone 7 is Morfo, a clever image manipulation app available for just £1.99 (UK price) from the Zune Marketplace. This is a great app that is guaranteed to raise a laugh with anyone who sees it in action!

See our guide to using Morfo for more information on this fun app. Also featuring a sleep timer function (a selection of environmental audio tracks to help you sleep) and the ability to select a tune from your library, SleepMaster delivers all of the usual alarm clock functions. Available for just £1.99, SleepMaster is the most impressive alarm clock you will ever find! If you’re not aware of the VLC player for Windows, you should be – it is probably the best media player available, offering the ability to play back almost any audio or video file type. Best of all, VLC is open source and free to download, which hasn’t exactly hurt its popularity! VLC Play is a useful remote control for VLC, allowing you to browse media files on your PC, remotely start VLC and control every function of the media player from your phone. Some features require the free PC-side server application, and the app costs £2.49, although a free trial is also available.

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Ideal for any media center using VLC as its player. Costing just 79p, Maps Pro is a very useful app that combines overlays from various map services to deliver you the ultimate in mobile-map related search and discovery. You can use Maps Pro to generate routeplans to locations, search for places that you want to visit and display their webpage or phone number, and Maps Pro will even remember where you parked your car! Remarkably, one of the most popular paid apps for Windows Phone 7 is iKamasutra, an online guide to the ancient eastern art of Kamasutra and its importance in lovemaking. This app features images describing positions that might be adopted and therefore isn’t recommended for minors. However, the app features various ways to view different arrangements of the male and female dynamic as well as marking off completed positions, rather like completing an Xbox LIVE achievement (but without the 200 points).

Kamasutra is available for just £2.49 and will either prove extremely useful to you or be nothing more than an amusing diversion. Far from being a highly-rated app, X-Ray Simulator nevertheless remains a very popular novelty, no doubt due to it following the path from the old “x-ray glasses” toys that were once stocked in joke shops. Costing just 79p and with a free trial available the X-Ray Simulator allows you to perform x-ray gags on friends and family, choosing from the default trial “broken arm” image or any custom images you might import into the app. X-Ray Simulator is a fun diversion and one of the most popular novelty apps on the Zune Marketplace. When you loved this short article and you wish to receive more information about State of the News Media kindly visit our own web site. If you’re a fan of watching the sky at night, SkyMap is a great app for displaying names, coordinates, magnitude and other information on over 110,000 stars, planets, moons, the sun and other objects that can be seen at night.

This Is Where Cinalytics Steps In

Me and my brother live together and we got into a huge fight about who should buy toilet paper. I found this the next morning.

According to a 2019 Gartner survey of three thousand CIOs across a variety of industries, the number of enterprises that utilize AI technology has grown roughly 230% over the past four years. These companies, however, may find themselves playing catch up with competitors who have found creative ways to leverage this technology within their specific industries. Just take a look at these 10 trailblazing companies who are teaching us the value of modern technical innovation through the fascinating ways that they use AI! It has been nearly 60 years since the publication of Rachel Carlson’s Silent Spring, which decried the indiscriminate use of pesticides and herbicides in commercial agriculture. Though we have seen different chemical and policy changes attempt to address the issues raised in the text, none may be as revolutionary as Blue River Tech’s AI driven farming equipment. Founded in 2011, the company has since been incorporated by leading agricultural machinery company, John Deere, in an effort to grow its flagship “See & Spray” product.

This device uses deep learning algorithms, similar to those used in facial recognition software, to discern weeds from crops, and apply appropriate amounts of chemical herbicides. As the ways that audiences consume film advertisements continues to fragment by the day, the cost for marketing films– one of the largest areas of investment for production companies– is growing exponentially. However, this troubling news comes with a silver lining. According to 2018 data compiled by IBIS Worldwide, the compound annual growth rate for the American film industry is roughly 2%, which outpaces the nation’s overall economic growth. This saddles production companies with the task of finding new ways to optimize ROI at a time where there has never been so much money to make, but where it also requires such a financial investment to make a movie. This is where Cinalytics steps in. The LA based startup’s AI powered platform considers fifteen unique attributes that can predict the potential success of a film. Not looking to remove the human element from filmmaking, CEO Tobias Queisser believes his company’s tool can “supplement the creative process”, and help producers think through artistic decisions with the added confidence provided by predictive data.

According to leading educational non-profit Autism Speaks, 1 in every 59 children born today will fall somewhere on the autism spectrum. Although symptoms are diverse, many individuals with this diagnosis struggle with typical social conventions in a manner that impacts their daily lives. As autism is typically diagnosed in early childhood, many families are tasked with the responsibility of helping their children navigate a world that better accommodates neurotypical behaviors. Brain Power is using transformative technologies, including AI and AR (augmented reality) to provide autistic children, and adults, with learning experiences that help them with daily tasks and life skills. Having consulted a diverse array of families, healthcare providers, and counselors, and ran clinical trials, the company has created software that allows users to build skills such as identifying emotions based on facial cues, and maintaining eye contact. Utilizing Google Glass, the software’s zero UI interface reacts to the user’s eye motion while simultaneously reading their environment to detect not only the presence of other people, but also another person’s facial expressions. Bias mitigation is a significant concern in modern policing.

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When many think about AI implementation in police and judicial processes, they shudder at the potential risks. Because AI/ML relies on prior data, some suggest that implementing AI software will increase bias given the historical over-policing of certain groups in America. Stanford’s Computational Policy Lab recently partnered with the San Francisco Police Department to develop a tool that strips arrest records of information that might evoke such conscious or unconscious biases when being presented to the District Attorney’s Office. The software uses name-entity recognition technology to identify and remove not only an arrestee’s race, but also descriptive factors that might allude to a suspect’s demographic information from unstructured text. These include physical descriptions like eye, and hair color, names, locations, and neighborhoods where the subject lives or was arrested. The software will also remove information alluding to the identity of involved officers, including names, and badge numbers to even further prevent the DA’s office from making unfair inferences.

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Is Ancestral Trauma Sabotaging Your Life?

Ignore Politics Upvote Wagyu BeefThere are a number of countries around the world that have a general election every few years; that is, of course, unless a snap election takes place. When an election take place, the general public will have the chance to vote for part that they believe will lead the country in the right way. Nowadays, it is easier than ever before for someone to find out about what each party stands for, and this is primarily due to the internet. In the past, one would have had to read a paper, watch TV, or to listen to the radio, for instance. But through being able to go online, it is no longer necessary for them rely on these sources of information. The only thing they will need is a device and from here, politics they can browse the web for all of the information that they need. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that this approach will work for everyone, as there are going to be people who still prefer the old way of doing things.

What this can come down to is that they might not know where to go online, or they could end up being overwhelmed by so much information. Thus, through listening to the radio or reading a paper, for instance, everything will be laid out for them. This will be a lot easier for them to handle, and they won’t have to worry about if they are being exposed to ‘fake news’. Yet, while this can be easier, this can cause them to miss out on a lot of information. One way of looking at this would be to say that these sources can’t cover everything, and that they only have time to talk about the things that are important. Another way of looking at this would be to say that these sources are biased, and this then defines what they do or don’t cover. It can then appear as though they are simply presenting the facts, but this is going to be nothing more than an illusion. Naturally, there are going to be people who are only too aware of how the mainstream media works, and this will be the reason why they look towards other sources.

This is going to mean that they will need to look into things for themselves and this will take more energy, but it is likely to give them a better understanding of what is going on. It could be said that this is the difference between buying food from an organic farm and buying it from a supermarket. The supermarket could be closer and it might be cheaper, but there is also the chance that a lot of what they buy won’t be as healthy. In the short-term, it will take more effort, but it will be worth it in the long-term. And through having so much information available, it can be easy for someone to end up being consumed by what is taking place. As far as they are concerned, this could be seen as an opportunity for them to have an effect on the direction that their country will take.

Through having this outlook, they might do everything they can do to make sure that the people around them also vote. This could a far as they will go, or they might share their views on social media. One could end up telling their ‘friends’ to vote for a certain party, or they could just tell them to make the most of this opportunity. But regardless of whether they talk about this on social media or not, this is likely to show that one has a clear idea of who they are going to vote for. The party they are voting for could just be seen as being slightly better than the others, or one could be amazed by what one party will do if they get into power. When one is not caught up in what is taking place and believes that one party is marginally better than the others, it could show that one has listened to the mainstream media and the alternative media.

Article I: Politics In The Workplace

Throughout a career that evolved over a period of almost 3 decades in the United Nations System, I have been a manager and advisor in the areas of Human Resources, Finances and General Administration. I consider myself an expert in the domains above and I am happy to be able to coach employees as well as graduating students at universities. While I highly recommend complementing experience with evolving expertise available on a continuous basis, I find that sharing actual experiences supported by case studies and concrete examples to be of great insight and food for thought. In articles that relate to my personal experiences working in the various countries, I hope to infuse my readers with the subtleties of the work environment. Being fascinated by the politics played in the workplace, this first series of articles are about this subject. I hope you take away something useful from it while enjoying the read.

Politics is one of those invisible forces behind actions and reactions that affect events in the workplace. Few of us take the time to look beyond our professional accomplishments and the very good and very bad memories of events that affected us all along our career path. From time to time though, something or someone may remind us of happenings then seemingly unimportant or insignificant only to realize how they influenced decisions that followed them. Workplace politics, which come in many forms, vary according to the style of those who use them to achieve objectives. That includes people inside the company as well as those exerting influence from the outside – practically everyone who has a role in making things happen. But the prevalent political style is usually set by a few decision makers at the top of an entity whose power percolates throughout the ranks. These people cannot make things happen on their own; they use the brains and intelligence of those they feel fit their mold in order to get things done in accordance with their wishes.

People view politics in the workplace very differently. Some relish their use, but you may have to scrutinize them closely to find that out. Whether or not they are very good at it they will rarely admit to what they’re doing. On the opposite side are those who do not like to play politics because it makes them feel uncomfortable, and those who are not even aware of workplace politics. They will tell you that it’s a dirty business that they want no part of. In truth, neither group may have complete knowledge of what politics mean in the workplace, or of how the various players practice them. Those with a good understanding of the concept use politics regularly and get the results expected, though maybe not always, since this is not a foolproof science. When too many people are involved in the process, the links do not always connect as they should, and more often than not there will be miscalculations and casualties.

I found out who has been stealing my paper. Followed this guy 3 blocks, he wasn't fazed.Those who find themselves in the middle when a game is being played must either line up on one side or the other or be pushed aside. For example, if your boss is targeted for dismissal or demotion, you are sure to become an accessory to the implementation of this goal. You may be given credit you do not even deserve to show that your boss is not capable, or you may unfairly be associated with all the bad things he/she has done. Depending on how the tide turns, you could benefit from the political game, or if you are not vigilant enough to foresee events and position yourself, you might also wind up its victim. We do not enter a career deciding to stagnate in a given position. No matter how much you like what you do, at some point you will feel like moving on to explore other aspects of your profession or totally different challenges.

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Is Social Media Marketing For Your Business?

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There are businesses that are growing despite the fact that they don’t have any social media presence online. Then there are other businesses as well who have social media accounts just for the sake of formality and no customer engagement takes place on those platforms for them, yet they have a healthy growth rate. The fact of the matter is that such businesses are the exceptions and for the general business world social media marketing is a must part of the marketing mix. The lines below discuss some objectives of a business, which are highly dependent upon a social media marketing campaign. Therefore, if you are a business in Dubai or in some other competitive market of the world, the following lines can help you realize that social media marketing is imperative for your business. If you are a business that has tried everything to increase website traffic and yet receives only a bunch of visitors, then social media marketing is the thing that is missing in your efforts.

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Social media marketing serves the purpose of engaging the audience and once you engage the audience effectively, from then onwards they follow you and try to know more about you, thus, there curiosity leads them to your business website. In other words, social media marketing serves as the hook that pulls the customers towards your website and give you a significant visitor spike. If you are a business that receives visitors or customers but is not able to convert them into sales, then social media marketing is the fix you require. In social media marketing, a customer gets to see the human or less-algorithmic side of a brand. People relate to such a perspective of a business and this relating to business is what helps the visitors become customers. Therefore, if you wish to increase the chances of conversion, then you definitely need to be active on social media platforms and interact with the potential customers.

If your business is such that despite your best efforts you have not been able to establish yourself as a brand and create its awareness among the target audience, then social media marketing can help you in achieving this objective. As discussed above, social media marketing allows a business to interact with the target audience and share insights with them. When a business is on such a level with the audience, it develops a kind of authority, which in the long run lays the foundation for brand awareness. Therefore, if your brand isn’t getting recognized by the target audience, then you surely need to utilize social media platforms. If your business is not able to get its message across to the audience especially when some bad news has hit your brand, then social media is what you need to utilize for reputation management. Social media platforms are the mouthpiece of the business, therefore, whatever a business says on these platforms serves as an official statement or the business’ side of the story. By utilizing these platforms in time of need a business can make its point of view clearly heard to the target audience and ensure a better reputation among audience.

Your county auditor handles everything that has to do with financial data, property values and real estate taxes, and in some cases smaller tasks such as licenses for dogs in your county. The clerk of courts and county auditor are just two small examples of elected political offices that perform a vital function for residents but are often misunderstood and little-known. As an active citizen, it’s important that you understand as much as you can about how these offices work and what their duties are. Because these positions are often elected by the public, news media you should always do as much research as you can about the candidates who are running for the respective offices and find out what their background and qualifications are. These two positions in particular require that a candidate have ample administrative and financial management experience in order to properly execute their official duties. In most counties, representatives of these departments will be happy to provide interested constituents with information about how they operate and where their funding originates. Because your tax dollars fund these departments, you should make a point of learning as much as you can about their duties.

Do Some People’s Childhoods Set Them Up To Be Drawn To Politics?

G Sachs Screens for CN Stock Beneficiaries from National Policy (Table)AASTOCKS Financial News - Popular NewsG Sachs Screens for CN Stock Beneficiaries from National Policy (Table) - 웹It would be easy for someone to come to the conclusion that more people are into politics than ever before. One reason for this is that so much of what is spoken about on social media relates to this area. If someone was to engage in black and white thinking, they could even believe that everyone is into this area. Yet if they were to use their ability to think, and didn’t get caught up in this type of faulty thinking, it would still be clear that this is no longer a fringe area. And although some people will just share things online, there will be others that have gone even further. Some of these people will describe themselves as activists, meaning that they will spend a lot of their time attending different rallies, amongst others things. For others, this will also include writing articles, making videos and giving talks.

this work, hereby publish it under the following license: English handmade paper ship for the Deities on Yuanjiao Festival of Nanliao Fumei Temple, Hsinchu

There will even be a small amount of people who are hoping to move up the ladder and to become politicians. One way to look at the people that spend a fair amount of their time engaged in this area would be to say that they are simply people that care. Someone like this will have a clear sense that the world isn’t right and they will want to correct this. According to this, the greater their interest, the greater their sense will be that something isn’t right. However, even if this is what is running through their conscious mind, it doesn’t mean that what is taking place in their unconscious mind is not playing a part in all this. When it comes to what is taking place at a deeper level, in their unconscious mind, politics this will relate to things that they are not aware of. Said another way, one can believe that they are doing something for one reason, but this could be nothing more than an illusion.

Behind the reason/s that they say they are doing something could be a number of other reasons, and these reasons might not have anything to do with the reason/s they are consciously aware of. One way for someone to find out why they are really drawn to this area would be to connect to themselves and to see what comes up. This might not be as easy as it would be for them to go inside a house and to see what’s in there, though, as it could take a while for them to really tune into how they feel. One will be getting out of their head and going into their body; this is where they will be able to connect with their emotional reason/s for why they do what they do. If one is carrying a lot of emotional pain and has disconnected from their body in order to protect themselves from this pain, it could take a while for them to reconnect to it.

One thing they may need to do is to reach out for external support, so that they can work through this pain. Meditating a few times a week can also help them to detach from their mind and to be more objective. Anyway, through engaging in this work, one can gradually find out if they are really aware of why they are drawn to this area. If they were to find out that they are not doing it for the reason/s they thought they were, it will allow them to direct their time and energy towards the things that do matter to them. Still, it could be said it is unlikely that someone like this would take this route, due to the fact that they will probably be so caught up in what is taking place externally. Like someone who is eating their favourite food; they could be completely immersed in what is going on and have absolutely no desire to change. It is then not going to matter if they are unaware of the reason/s why they are behaving in this way.

Whose Views Made The News?

But see Media Research Center (2008) Media Research Center. Five years of slant against Iraq War success. 2. Our extensive search of political science and communications journals yielded very little sustained empirical research on U.S. George W. Bush’s speeches (Coe, Domke, Graham, Lockett, & Pickard, 2004 Coe, K., Domke, D., Graham, E., Lockett John, S. and Pickard, V. W. 2004. No shades of gray: The binary discourse of George W. Bush and the echoing press. Berinsky & Druckman, 2007 Berinsky, A. J. and Druckman, J. N. 2007. The polls—Review: Public opinion research and support for the Iraq War.”. Calabrese, 2005 Calabrese, A. 2005. Casus belli: U.S. Feldman et al., 2007 Feldman, S., Huddy, L. and Marcus, G. . Going to war: When citizens matter. Paper prepared for presentation at the fall session of the New York Area Political Psychology Meeting, Columbia University. Foyle, 2004 Foyle, D. C. 2004. Leading the public to war? The influence of American public opinion on the Bush administration’s decision to go to war in Iraq.

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Neuwirth, Fredeick & Mayo, 2007 Neuwirth, K., Frederick, E. and Mayo, C. 2007. The spiral of silence and fear of isolation. Rendall and Broughel, 2003 Rendall, S., & Broughel, T. (2003). Amplifying officials, squelching dissent. Robertson, 2004 Robertson, J. W. 2004. People’s watchdogs or government poodles? Scotland’s national broadsheets and the second Iraq War. But we found no studies employing systematic content analysis to document the overall tenor and thrust of U.S. Iraq in the critical pre-invasion period. 3. As Entman (2004 Entman, R. M. 2004. Projections of power: Framing news, public opinion, and U.S. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 1982 nuclear freeze rally, which up to that point was the largest mass political demonstration in modern U.S. Central Park. The greater part of the article—replete with references to the frivolous and radical 1960s—focused on the logistics of moving the crowd and descriptions of the participants” (p. 4. In this connection, Hallin (1994 Hallin, D. C. 1994. “The media, the war in Vietnam, and political support: A critique of the thesis of an oppositional media”.

In We keep America on top of the world: Television journalism and the public sphere, Edited by: Hallin, D. C. 40-57. New York: Routledge. 5. For example, Entman (2004 Entman, R. M. 2004. Projections of power: Framing news, public opinion, and U.S. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. Libya episode, critical assertions by non-U.S. Congress by ratios of approximately 28:1 on the CBS Evening News and 22:0 in the New York Times. 6. These survey results were retrieved from the Roper Center Public Opinion Archives iPoll Databank. 7. It is true that the French, in particular, were vilified in the media after the UN rejected military action against Iraq. The most memorable development was the editing of the menu in the congressional dining hall so that it served “freedom fries.” But this did not happen until March 11, just 9 days prior to the invasion. Before that, it appears that French and other foreign leaders continued to command respect from significant numbers of Americans.

8. We initially coded for a tertiary focus as well, but abandoned it after finding that few stories had three identifiable foci and that intercoder reliability ratings for the variable were low. 9. We coded both named and anonymous sources who were quoted directly and indirectly. 10. See Althaus (2003 Althaus, S. L. 2003. When news norms collide, follow the lead: New evidence for press independence. 11. Before beginning the coding, we conducted preliminary analyses to make sure our coding scheme could be reliably put into practice. In that process, we resolved any discrepancies or problems with the coding instructions. As the coding proceeded, we conducted two rounds of intercoder reliability tests, double-coding 5% of all stories. Our intercoder reliability ratings were generally within the accepted range for content analysis (Neuendorf, 2002 Neuendorf, K. A. 2002. The content analysis guidebook, Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. In the table below, we present Cohen’s kappa, which adjusts for chance agreement, as a measure of reliability for each of our key variables.