Top 10 Paid Apps For Windows Phones

By March 2011, the Windows Phone Marketplace holds something approaching 10,000 apps – not bad for a platform that has been going for only 5 months. However, while many of these apps are free, just as many are paid apps, requiring a purchase either via your Zune client or via the Marketplace Hub on your phone. No one wants to spend money on useless software, which is why it is a good idea to spend some time checking reviews and ratings of apps before purchasing, and if available trying out the trial mode. While Microsoft offer a list of the top rated apps, these are mixed in with games, so it is tricky to see just what are the most popular downloads, whether free or paid. As such we’ve put together this top 10 list of paid apps for Windows Phone to help you to decide what to install today! One of the most remarkable apps for Windows Phone 7 is Morfo, a clever image manipulation app available for just £1.99 (UK price) from the Zune Marketplace. This is a great app that is guaranteed to raise a laugh with anyone who sees it in action!

See our guide to using Morfo for more information on this fun app. Also featuring a sleep timer function (a selection of environmental audio tracks to help you sleep) and the ability to select a tune from your library, SleepMaster delivers all of the usual alarm clock functions. Available for just £1.99, SleepMaster is the most impressive alarm clock you will ever find! If you’re not aware of the VLC player for Windows, you should be – it is probably the best media player available, offering the ability to play back almost any audio or video file type. Best of all, VLC is open source and free to download, which hasn’t exactly hurt its popularity! VLC Play is a useful remote control for VLC, allowing you to browse media files on your PC, remotely start VLC and control every function of the media player from your phone. Some features require the free PC-side server application, and the app costs £2.49, although a free trial is also available.

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Ideal for any media center using VLC as its player. Costing just 79p, Maps Pro is a very useful app that combines overlays from various map services to deliver you the ultimate in mobile-map related search and discovery. You can use Maps Pro to generate routeplans to locations, search for places that you want to visit and display their webpage or phone number, and Maps Pro will even remember where you parked your car! Remarkably, one of the most popular paid apps for Windows Phone 7 is iKamasutra, an online guide to the ancient eastern art of Kamasutra and its importance in lovemaking. This app features images describing positions that might be adopted and therefore isn’t recommended for minors. However, the app features various ways to view different arrangements of the male and female dynamic as well as marking off completed positions, rather like completing an Xbox LIVE achievement (but without the 200 points).

Kamasutra is available for just £2.49 and will either prove extremely useful to you or be nothing more than an amusing diversion. Far from being a highly-rated app, X-Ray Simulator nevertheless remains a very popular novelty, no doubt due to it following the path from the old “x-ray glasses” toys that were once stocked in joke shops. Costing just 79p and with a free trial available the X-Ray Simulator allows you to perform x-ray gags on friends and family, choosing from the default trial “broken arm” image or any custom images you might import into the app. X-Ray Simulator is a fun diversion and one of the most popular novelty apps on the Zune Marketplace. When you loved this short article and you wish to receive more information about State of the News Media kindly visit our own web site. If you’re a fan of watching the sky at night, SkyMap is a great app for displaying names, coordinates, magnitude and other information on over 110,000 stars, planets, moons, the sun and other objects that can be seen at night.